Doctor Strange Review (Spoiler Free)


A few days ago, I experienced the November blockbuster DOCTOR STRANGE. In short: Undoubtedly flawed, but a ton of mystical fun!

For those who don’t know, Doctor Strange is a magical superhero movie set in the same universe as all of the Avenger films (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and so on). This specific entry follows the journey of Doctor Stephen Strange from skeptical and self obsessed surgeon to humbled follower of the Ancient One. It is admittedly flawed and by the numbers at times. You can probably guess what is going to happen within the first fifteen minutes of the film, but that shouldn’t dismay you on the quality of the film. It’s the journey that’s important and it’s an entertaining one at that.

Let’s talk about the bad first since I’d rather leave a everyone with a positive note. There were no truly terrible aspects of the film, but if I was forced to pick my least favorite part of the movie I would choose the pacing. This movie goes slow, fast, slow, fast so many times I’m surprised that I didn’t get whiplash. Again, this is by no means a deal breaker for the film, but it does drag it down a bit. There are a variety of other smaller things that hurt the movie,like the predictability of the plot, but talking about them would reveal spoilers. I’ll just leave it at this: if you’re willing to look past the little problems that pop up every so often, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Now for the good! I adored the use of magic in the movie. It felt so well thought out and unique compared to other films filled to the brim with sorcery. The visuals were spectacular as well, with each one being more breathtaking than the last. The main cast was in top form, each of them selling the humorous and serious moments. There’s one moment in particular that I can’t talk about where two actors just shine, but let’s just say that it could bring a tear to the eye of an invested viewer.

All in all, I would recommend Doctor Strange for fans of not only superhero movies but avid viewers of magic based films like Harry Potter (though you may be able to get your fill for the specific series in a few weeks). The movie falls short in some areas, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like how the filmmakers presented Doctor Strange’s path to heroism. His lesson is one that I think we can all take to heart. That it is unwise to live selfishly. Instead, we must do what we can to help the most people we can with the gifts we discover throughout our struggles.

Until next week. I’ve been Superguy, and you’ve been awesome.


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