What To Do For Shin Godzilla 2


Godzilla is the coolest thing in the world. He’s an enormous prehistoric beast that breathes atomic blasts and has faced down against everything from underground societies to space gods. For such an amazing character to survive for so long, changes have to be made to keep him relevant. Recently, one of the biggest changes came to the character in Toho’s 2016 film “Shin Godzilla”. This film is a genuine reboot of the Godzilla series, not only changing the origin of the monster but also having it that this is the first time that the world has experienced giant monsters. There is a lot more about the film that I could go on about, but I would instead like to talk about the future of this new film series.

Now there are plenty of arguments for both continuing the series from this point or starting again, but I’d like to continue from the end point of Shin Godzilla because it would be more interesting to give myself that constraint. One last thing I want to add before going forward is that I am going to be spoiling the hell out of Shin Godzilla, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go now. With all that said and done, are y’all ready? Good! Let’s do this!

Shin Godzilla 2, or Shin Godzilla: The Reawakening of The King because that is the only title I can think of at the moment, begins a few years after the events of Shin Godzilla 1. Godzilla is frozen in the middle of the city, which is still under major reconstruction. Everyone is still anxious that Godzilla could be unfrozen, but the new and well loved Japanese government ensures the public that they have the situation under control. During the time between the first and second film, Japan has become a major world power due to their personal experience with Godzilla. They lead the study and research of Godzilla’s supposed corpse in order to prepare for whatever disaster that could come next. Little do they know, another disaster is on its way. This time, it won’t be as straightforward.

Similar to many Godzilla films, satellites pick up movement on the ocean floor a few miles off of Tokyo Bay. The military gets ready to deal with the arrival of a new monster with specialized tech, but then something terrifying occurs. The movement that the scientists are tracking starts to get bigger and bigger in size, that is until it splits up into 4 different points on the radar. No one knows what to do, but the military stands strong for what may come next. And then the proverbial crap hits the ceiling as a disembodied Godzilla tail, a pair of enormous scaly Godzilla arms and what can only be described as a massive glowing stomach with eyes crawl their way out of the ocean.


The military does their best and manage to keep the disembodied body parts in the bay with some of the spray used on Godzilla, but it won’t last for long. The government officials from the last movie try their best to keep control of the situation, but a group of scientists give them some bad news. Godzilla is starting to show signs of reawakening within the next few minutes (which is not supposed to be happening for a few years yet). The government officials start arguing about what to do next, but it is fruitless and is only making the situation worse. Everyone is looking at them to act, but they are just scared and unsure as of what to do. Before a final decision is made, the radiation inside Godzilla reignites and the King of the Monsters is back.

As Godzilla reawakens, he sheds off the layer of skin that was keeping him from moving and he now looks less terrifying. His mouth and eyes look more like they traditionally do along with his chest and tail, but there is still a glow emanating from him. The disembodied Godzilla parts, at this time, start reacting with what seems like joy when they see their host reawaken. They seemingly shake off the effects of liquid being sprayed on them and start to make land on Tokyo. The government officials almost begin to cry, as it seems that they have lost their glorious city to a hoard of monsters. To make things worse, Godzilla starts to charge his atomic breath to fire onto the city. He looks directly into the camera and unleashes his full force.

The officials flinch at the sight of Godzilla firing his atomic breath and get ready to witness the unspeakable damage the he must of done. They open their eyes and what they see shocks them. Godzilla didn’t attack the city. No. He instead open fired on the disembodied Godzilla parts trying to get on land. He fires again, this time causing the stomach to spit acid out of rage. Godzilla fires again and again and again until the body parts finally enter back into the ocean. Unsurprisingly,everyone is confused as Godzilla starts pacing back and forth in the city while completely ignoring the military.

Throughout the rest of the film, the government discovers that the body parts they found were part of Godzilla at one point, but he shed them when he went into his third form that was unseen in the previous film since he was doing it underwater. His body parts, now their own creatures,realized that Godzilla had been frozen and they were on their way to reignite his radioactive core. What they didn’t count on, however, is that the spray used on Godzilla actually stabilized his condition. Godzilla isn’t in pain anymore and he is not going back to how he used to be. And, just like an animal on the edge, he started fighting against his old body so he coils be spared of unspeakable agony.

The specifics of the film is pretty up in the air at this point. The way I see it, the government has to deal with the fact that Japan is seen as the expert on all things Godzilla no matter what. They are in the opposite position that they were in the last film and must find a way to lead the world to deal with this threat. Many people from many countries have different tactics, one even recommends that they allow the two pairs of beasts to kill each other, but every situation they come up with seems worse than the last. To make things even more terrifying, the body parts start to mutate more. The tail becomes a mass of tendrils while the arms start growing other arms and eyes along with bony spikes all across their new bodies. The gromp of organs even starts to excrete acid and becomes more decrepit since it is having a hard time mutating to keep the stomach acid at bay.

Throughout the movie, the monsters come back in waves. Sometimes it’s just one of them, other times they come in pairs. But it culminates with the the body parts finally coming together to make what I can only call Rotzilla. It’s a disgusting mutant of a creature with ten spiky arms, five super long tails and the ability to shoot corrosive acid out of its mouth powerful enough to get through Godzilla’s hide. As you could probably guess, the idea behind this film would be about continuing forward momentum (which is seen in the struggle between Godzilla and Rotzilla). The bad parts of the past may sneak their ugly mugs in, but you have to continue moving towards a better future so that we don’t fall victim to past mistakes.


The film ends with Godzilla finally destroying Rotzilla after he gets some assistance from the military. Satisfied, Godzilla swims into the ocean. The world governments are upset that they assisted the King of Monsters in his fight, but Japan actually made some great headway in the fight. During the battle, they managed to get a probe on Godzilla that will not only allow them to track his exact location at all times, it also works as a shock collar of sorts. Whenever he gets too close to populated land, a massive shock is sent to him. Their hope is to trap him on an island owned by the USA. It’s name? Monster Island, and there is still plenty of room for other inhabitants.

Well, that’s all I got. What do you think? Do you have any ideas for a Shin Godzila sequel? Leave a comment below and let your kaiju imagination run wild. Until next time, I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been awesome!


Ps: Yes, I’m really into giant monster movies. I may try to talk about the Gamera Trilogy at some point. Or Tokyo SOS. Or Godzilla (2014). Whatever comes first!


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