Duck Game (Quick-Review)
It’s fan-ducking-tastic

(Hey, I’m Superguy! I want to try this type of format for things that I really can’t talk about in depth. This will be used mostly for quick recommendations and descriptions of the product. Today, I’m gonna talk about the Duck Game in 2-3 paragraphs. Now strap in and get ready to get quacked up!)

Do you like high octane video games that are quick to pick up? Do you also like goofing off so much that you cause a round to go much longer than it should? Well, do I have a game for you. A Duck Game in fact! Duck Game is a single to multiplayer experience where one controls a quirky duck with a quirky hat to murder other quirky ducks in their quirky hats. There are a wide variety of cools maps to be visited and murderous tools that can be utilized, everything from one shot pistols to mind control devices But the best part about the game isn’t the tools themselves but how they can be utilized for mostly comedic effect. One of the most hilarious things to do is rev up a chainsaw and lay down so that the goofy faced duck is dragged across the ground at ridiculously high speeds.

Duck Game is available on  Microsoft Windows and Ouya at the moment but will also have X-Box One and PlayStation 4 releases as well. Do yourself a favor and get 3 friends for a long afternoon of delights. Don’t take it too seriously and get lost in the madness. Two feathery thumbs up! Now head on out there and make the world a crazier place you magnificent duck-faced weirdos.

Do you have any fun experiences in Duck Game? Comment below and share some hilarious moments between duck brethern.

I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been super awesome!
Fun times with some fun ducks

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