Lego Batman and John Wick 2 (Quick Reviews)

Lego Batman vs Lego Superman: Dawn of Lego Justice

Did you like the Lego Movie? Then you’ll LOVE Lego Batman. Just like the other great parodies out there, this film unabashedly understands and loves the Batman franchise. As much as the creators of this movie are nerds of the Caped Crusader, they know that he isn’t perfect. He may be selfish and emo, but he has a big heart that just needs to open up to others. If you’re in the mood to see a funny movie that understands why people love the Bat despite some major flaws, give this a chance. And then laugh at the accurate portrayal of Robin played by the immortal Micheal Cera.

Choose the red bottle, and you go further down the rabbit hole

I. LOVE.JOHN WICK. He’s a bad ass that will kill anyone that DARES messes with his cute little pup. Is the sequel as good as the original? Personally, I like the first one an inch more. The emotional journey in that movie was perfect, but that doesn’t mean this film wasn’t good at all. Far from it. The action scenes were perfect, the world building was perfect and, no surprise, Keanu Reeves is perfect. And on top of him, we get a mini Matrix reunion with Laurence Fishburne owning the decent role given to him.(side note: Want more Laurence Fishburne? Try Blackish). Give this a watch, and then watch Run All Night, which is a very similar film but with the bad ass Liam Neeson instead.

What about you guys? Do they both rule? Do they both suck? Which one did you like better? Comment below and see if some great discussions can get going!


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