Kong: Skull Island (Quick-Review)

Kong is just nervous. He’s a HUGE MCU fan.

It’s been twelve years since the last King Kong movie and everyone has been wondering what would be next for the beast killed by beauty and bullets. With the creation of the Monsterverse a few years back, the moth balls were brushed off the property so that the world could finally get that King Kong vs Godzilla rematch that we’ve all been waiting for. As excited as I am to see that movie, and I am very pumped for it, I still want to review this film on its own merits. So how does Kong: Skull Island hold up? In short: Yes.

Do not go into this movie thinking that you will get a deep emotional film such as the original or Peter Jackson’s interpretation. This is a straight up B-movie with some kick-ass scenes, incredibly creative ideas and talented actors that get the job done. On top of that, we see a lot of Kong fighting giant creatures while the humans deal with the real monsters: man itself. Also some freaking mini-pterodactyl bird things that cut you into bite sized pieces before devouring you. I’ve seen some reviews out there give Skull Island a hard time, and I understand where the frustration comes. King Kong is a legendary character and they wanted something more than a summer blockbuster staring one half of the Step Brothers and Straight Outta Compton casts. But if you’re willing to give this film a chance, I guarantee you’ll have fun seeing Kong own anything that comes in his way. Also, STAY AFTER THE CREDITS. I would never spoil what is seen, all I will say is that you better hold on to your butts because we are in for quite the ride.

What did you think of the movie? Did you hate it? Love it? Comment below and get some conversations going. On top of that, what is your favorite Kong film? I’d personally say the Peter Jackson reboot, but I’d love to hear everyone else state their opinion. Thank you for your time, I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been awesome!

Not bad, but Brendan Fraser will always be my George of the Jungle.

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