Power Rangers (2017) (Review)


(Slight spoilers, but nothing that gives away major plot points.)

It’s no secret that Power Rangers (2017) has been getting, at best, mixed reviews that made me initially nervous to see the film. I know this sounds shadey from a guy that was hyped for this movie from day one to say that ratings don’t matter, but I feel that this is just something I need to get out before moving forward with my thoughts on the film. Ratings, especially simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” types, can be sucky at times since it simplifies an opinion instead of getting to the root of why you believe what you do. This is why I don’t put any type of numbered score since, in my opinion, liking something is more complex than simply saying 2.134/5 and moving on. Something doesn’t have to be perfect to be good or poorly constructed to be bad, what matters is how you feel at the end of the experience. And at the end of Power Rangers, having seen it twice now, I felt confident in this opinion: despite some glaring issues it’s a fine romp that has the potential to be the basis for better sequel.

Let me get what didn’t work out of the way first: there were way too many cooks on this project. Apparently five different writers and it shows. There are so many cool aspects that don’t always get enough attention and feel straight up rushed. It is also the reason why we get a moment where a hero talks about growing up with a sick mother in the same film where someone realizes they just unknowingly pleasured a bull. If I had any advice to give for the next film it would be for Saban to give their filmmakers/director control of the project. Allow a singular vision to shine through so that we don’t get a smattering of tones. Also, the middle of the film dragged on a bit much as I would have preferred if the Power Rangers spent more time performing their duties rather than preparing for what would come. All in all, this film has some notable faults (*cough Krispy Kreme cough*) that definitely will hurt it’s quality.


As to what did work for me, it’s pretty simple: the Rangers themselves when they were allowed to properly perform. They were easily the highlights of the film that, in my mind, allowed it to rise above the Transformers series comparison that plenty of individuals have made. Every Power Ranger was likeable and had both emotional moments along with bad ass accomplishments when they were given enough room to envelope the ideas of Power Rangers. Speaking of bad ass, this film had some epic set pieces. You have to wait a while for things to get going, and there is a bit of a breather in the middle, but it is worth it when it all comes together. And since the likeable cast went though believable character arcs, it feels much more epic when the conclusion finally comes. The best way to describe it is watching a modern teen dramedy slowly become a high budgeted Power Rangers episode. Power Rangers (2017) is by no means perfect, but by God when it’s good it’s damn good (for example: A certain musical cue at one point).

If you love or hate this film, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you are respectful of other people’s choices. And in the end of the day, it’s one movie that by no means defines the quality of your life. All I ask is that if you do go out to see it, give it an honest chance. Don’t form your opinion a certain way because you assume that you’re only allowed to follow what everyone in a certain group does. And what’s more of a Power Rangers-esque lesson than follow your heart when things get tough? Maybe killing your enemies with a giant robot, but that doesn’t really apply to a general audience. In the end I did have fun with Power Rangers (2017) but I do hope that the filmmakers can make some corrective actions so that we can have higher quality movies in the future.

I’ve been Superguy, and you’ve been awesome. Go out there and save the world!

Man, the sequel got a MUCH smaller budget.

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