King Kong Documentary (Quick Review)
Surprise Kong!
The original 1933 King Kong is arguably the greatest movie of all time. Not only did it revolutionize how films were made, but it also had a lasting impact on countless movie goers for years to come. In fact, famed director Peter Jackson describes the movie in such beautiful detail that you’d think he actually witnessed Kong falling to his death back in the early 1930’s. But how did that shot get made? In fact, how did King Kong get made period? It couldn’t have been an easy feat, especially back in a day when major motion pictures were not as easy to create. After watching the documentary included on the King Kong DVD/Blu Ray, I feel like I know everything there is to know about the ruler of Skull Island.

This documentary goes through not only the creation of the concept of King Kong but how the original crew met up, how the film was filmed, how the audience reacted when it initially was released and so on. A handful of Kong aficionados as well as a few influential creative minds give their own interesting input about King Kong’s genius. Peter Jackson, who as I mentioned before is a hardcore fan, even put in a recreated lost scene call the “Spider Sequence” that was done 100% true to the time period. It’s definitely a treat to see after you watched the majority of the documentary and realize how hard it must have been to make an entire film using the same tactics. If anything, it makes you realize how great it is to not have to deal with tedious effects like that anymore.

I wont spoil much more because, honestly, this documentary is a treat to see and hear every step of the way. I only have two warnings for you: 1. The film quality isn’t the best. You can tell that some of the interviews are a bit older and they try to black out the background, but it just looks terrible at times. And 2. if you’re not much of a film geek, there probably isn’t as much appeal for you. But, even then, I would still give a nice thumbs up to this well crafted masterpiece about a well crafted masterpiece. How about you? Do you have any great documentaries to recommend, specifically any on the creation of a film? If so, comment down at the bottom and get a conversation going. I’ve been Superguy, and you’ve been awesome!
Kong: Mouse Island

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