Wonder Woman (2017) (Review)

Where is she taking this photo?

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Wonder Woman aficionado. Most of what I know comes from the Justice League comics and shows, as well as the live action 1977 interpretation with Linda Carter. What little I do know is that, despite being one of if not the greatest superheroes of all time, the princess of the Amazons has been lacking in the film department. Wonder Woman is easily one of the most iconic fictional characters of the 20th and 21st centuries, but where have her movies been? After more than 75 years, the cry of fans was finally heard. It took a stint with Batman and Superman in 2016, but her solo movie finally came out this June 1st of 2017 to plenty of rave reviews. Were those reviews correct or is Diana Prince destined to live only in the pages of comics? Honestly, Wonder Woman (2017) was a blast and I’d be damned if we don’t get any more sequels in the near future.

The story to Wonder Woman is fairly straight forward. We follow an Amazonian named Diana, played by Gal Gadot, as she ventures off of her home island of Themiscyra to aid in the Great War. With the help of Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, she heads into man’s world to stop the dreaded Ares from tearing it apart. She’ll taste the pleasures and witness the failures of our people to make a great decision: are we worth saving? By the end of this insane journey, you’ll wonder that yourself as well.

I think it is safe to say that Gal Gadot embodies the type of hero we need today. Not only can she take down an army single handed, but she also managed to convey a genuine sense of kindness and love that makes the character so well loved. There is one scene in particular on the No Man’s Land that felt so perfect that I dare not spoil any more that I already have. Instead, I’d like to speak of the amazing cast. They give it their all as they too manage to get out memorable performances that will inspire a laugh or cry. Even the villains have a funny moment that make them stand out in the massive landscape of superhero movie bad guys. After seeing this, I am way more pumped to see what Justice League has in store for us this November.


Even though I had a ton of fun with Wonder Woman, there were a few things that bugged me about it. Nothing that broke the film, just little holes in stories or moments that felt a little dragged on. There was also an example of some poor CGI work early in the film, but it happened so quick that it isn’t worth going in to. Also, without spoiling anything, there was a reveal that didn’t make the most sense in context of the story. Maybe it will on a few more rewatches, but until then I do believe that it was not handled the best. Even with all of this said, it means nothing compared to the glory of a film I just sat through.
The best superhero films are meant to inspire the humanity inside us all. Wonder Woman (2017) is no exception. Diana Prince shows love to those who need it, gives a voice to the voiceless and so much more. Go and see her movie so that you might be able to find the hero within yourself. For those who have seen it, what did you think? Were you wowed by the greatest Amazon or was the film lacking for you? Comment down there and get a conversation going. I’ve been Superguy, and you’ve been wonderful.

Photo by Juan Lapaix

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