One Punch Man Volume 2 (Review)

Talk to the hand? Really Genos? Is it 1993 again?

Did you read the first volume of One Punch Man but wanted closure for the House of Evolution story as well as the addition of two more done in one tales? Then do I have a book for you! (Cue Veggie Tales Theme) The tale of Saitama, now starring Genos, is continued as the duo find the House of Evolution to take on it’s creator as well as his most dangerous creation: Carnage Kabuto. On top of that, Saitama must deal with a group of armored baldies who want the rich of the world to spread the wealth. And as everything wraps up we learn a little more about the bald crusader’s journey from zero to super weirdo. If you haven’t read my first review, I recommend giving it a quick one over before moving forward. Other than that, enjoy what you read below!

If you remember my review for the first book in the One Punch Man library, I stated that it was good but there were dangling plot threads and little intense action scenes. Most of these issues were addressed to make for a much more satisfying experience. We also get to meet a horrifically fast villain, Speed-O-Sound Sonic, and the legend of C-Class heroes: Mumen Rider! Just like Genos, we don’t get much with them but the little we see is promising for future volumes. Speaking of Genos, we get to know him a bit more in some key scenes. While he has plenty of moments of humor on top of cool battles, one that stuck out to me is when he yells at Saitama when he learns about how he gained such great power. I won’t spoil the reveal, but you can see how set on his goal of revenge he is and it is worrying to say the least. He may be a hero but, just like the titular character, he still has a long way to be before becoming a proper defender of humanity.

Robo-rilla anyone?


So is there anything bad about volume 2? Not really, that is if you are game for the set up of One Punch Man. If this type of humor and world didn’t move you at all I don’t think it’ll greatly change your mind. There are more scenes where the villain is felled in one punch, nonsensical explanations for characters atop many other ridiculous moments. This manga does what it wants well, but if you don’t like what it does things may get repetitive. There is a bit more world building but only a little. There is also some more characters as I discussed earlier though they don’t get much screen time (so far). One Punch Man volume 2 drags things out and if you can’t handle that, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different tastes and are not as patient with stories that have endless volumes to go through.

It is in my “professional” opinion that One Punch Man gets better with each volume (with one or two exceptions every so often). Everything in volume 1 is expanded and improved upon with the potential for plenty of new ideas on the horizon. If love Saitama or Genos then you get more of them in ever hilarious hijinks. That said, we are still going at a pretty slow pace with only two main characters so be ready to wait a while for any massive developments in the story. I urge the detractors to stay along for at least one more volume, but I won’t force anything. See you all next time, and remember to work hard every day to become the hero you know you can be.
Typical conversation between Saitama and Genos

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