Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (Quick-Review)
Adam Kubert: Truly one of the best comic artists ever

Spider-Man has gone through some massive chances in the past few years. Now no longer a loner taking photos for the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker is now head of his own multi-national corporation and is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D responsible for taking on world wide threats. With a new film coming out in a few weeks, Marvel wisely realized that a ton of new fans would be confused with the current status quo of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man compared to what is seen in the upcoming movie. Unable to age him down they settled for the next best thing: bringing him back to New York with a cast that exemplifies his more playful demeanor. Just get the writer from Howard the Duck, Chip Zdarsky, and one of the most exemplary artists of all time, Adam Kubert, and you got yourself a new Spider-Man book. Does this first issue work to bring the titular hero back to his humble beginnings or does it add too much to Peter’s already pretty full plate?

This book is so damn fun. Every page has at least one joke that will give you a little chortle be it from Spider-Man’s self deprecating humor or Ant Man getting a rise out of the fact that most of Spidey’s arch nemesis are senior citizens. Plenty of the Wall Crawler’s series through the years have been more serious than comedic so PPSSM has been a nice breath of fresh air. Not saying that there are no serious moments from the character but for someone infamously known for never getting over the death of an uncle that occurred because of them, a humor focused series is a nice change of pace. There are also additions to the Spider-Man canon that really get me excited. Not to spoil anything, but the last page is what made me get the book in the first place.
Why haven’t Ant Man and Spider-Man teamed up more often?!

As for any faults with Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, there is only one that sticks out: too much in the beginning. I understand that you need to bring new readers up to speed but I feel as though everything came on too strong. Introduce the world of Spider-Man bit by bit instead of all at once. To be fair, there is an argument that all of this front loading will allow the creative team to go straight into their ideas instead of doing more needless introductory work later one. While this is a valid point, I think less is more for a run that is meant to get new fans into the character. One final tiny point, I’m not too excited about Spider-Man dating someone in another series. I know that it gives him another responsibility in life for him to mess up but I just get a bad feeling that it isn’t going to end well. That said I trust this creative team and have faith that they will deliver something entertaining.

If you want to get into Spider-Man I do believe that this is a decent introduction to his current interpretation. Just get ready to read through a lot of material to get up to speed. Hopefully the creative team can continue with this strong start to deliver a hilarious and unique run on the world’s greatest superhero. What about you? Did you like this issue? Hate it? Comment down below and get a conversation. I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been awesome. Now go out there and feel bad about letting your father figure die (UNCLE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN)!

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