Baby Driver (Quick Review)
Edgar Wright with his band of merry men and woman (photo taken from The Wrap)

Edgar Wright is a nerd god. He’s made classic zombie invasion, police thriller, body snatcher and comic book films that countless geeks will talk about until the world stops turning. With his newest outing, Baby Driver, taking on a whole new type of genre there was a fear that his style wouldn’t work as well being more restrained. After all, he hasn’t made a bad movie yet and there are those that are more than happy to see him make a major misstep. So how does Baby Driver favor? Pretty well over all.

Baby Driver follows, as you might have guessed, a driver named Baby played by Ansel Elgort. He is the top getaway driver for a nasty gangster played by Kevin Spacey biding time to pay him off after committing an unknown act years ago. As he nears the final job, he meets up with a charming waitress named Debora, played by Lily James, that shows him what life outside of crime can hold. Can he keep his criminal life a secret or will his new lady friend discover the real Baby before he gets a chance to explain? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: practically every scene is done to the rhythm of the soundtrack hand picked by the director. Buckle in ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a treat.
A charming duo that hopefully gets more work in the future

I’m just gonna quickly start with the bad to get to the good stuff. The only aspect that didn’t work is the pacing. It’s fast, slow, fast, slow, slow, fast etc. You can just tell that Edgar Wright was having a bit of a rough time restraining himself to try something against his normal style. To his credit, I do believe that Baby Driver is an overall excellent film going experience. But it can be exhausting to see one action scene take a total of five minutes while others expand on for quite a while. This goes for the regular drama in Baby Driver as well. It’s nice to get to know these people, but some scenes could have definitely been cut down or expanded upon to allow things to go by a bit smoother.

As for the good stuff, what can I say that probably won’t be repeated a billion times in a flurry of different reviews? The characters are well written and acted. The driving and action is all done to intense music. Instead of simple shots being fired at police, the notes and beats create an exhilarating masterpiece of film making. Between that there is a moving love story between the innocent Baby and the charming waitress Debora. If at any point during the movie you feel that you have to use the restroom then by God wait until the action dies down because you’ll miss a whole lotta expertly written/acted character interactions. Even then, I’d advise not to miss any of it so that you get the entire action-filled experience down in one go.

Overall, Baby Driver was pretty excellent. While there are other Edgar Wright movies that I hold in higher regard, this newest outing is still a great addition to his filmography. Go check it out when you get that chance. Just remember to walk, not drive. Eyyyyy. What do you think of Baby Driver? Love it? Hate it? Comment down there and get a conversation going. I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been awesome. Now let’s head west and never look back.

Image result for baby gif
The audience reaction to many intense scenes throughout the film

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