Dunkirk (Quick Review)

Fun fact: Not a prequel to the Dark Knight Trilogy

Dunkirk is the newest film directed by Chris Nolan depicting the events of the Battle of Dunkirk’s messy evacuation in 1940. There seems to be a mix of opinions floating around about the film, so I thought it best to throw my hat in the ring without talking your ear off (via a review which does not emit any noise or talk). So what did I think? Dunkirk is,in my opinion, an epic movie going experience that could have been touched up in a few different areas. Allow myself to elaborate down below…

The best way to describe this movie is that it feels as though you are watching the evacuation unfold in front of you. The sets are accurate to the period, the action is perfectly unique and the atmosphere is so perfectly thick that you could run a knife through it. Every moment you have no idea if a plane will drop bombs or if a torpedo will take out an unsuspecting ship. Anyone attempting any sort of period drama should take note of what was done in Dunkirk. Pure, authentic, beautiful film making at its finest. That said, there was a major flaw in this movie that made it hard to get through: the characters.

Not sure how period accurate the clothes are but I’m willing to give Nolan a shot to explain himself

I don’t think I could name a single character in this movie.  The situations they were in are exciting and memorable but I doubt that I could remember anyone else other than the One Direction guy (Harry Styles. My sister would kill me if I didn’t mention that). As I said previously, this movie feels very much like the actual events of Dunkirk occurring. And just like in real life, people don’t always pop out. They don’t have quirky personalities or traits because that’s not what actual human beings are like 100%. So in order to keep everything accurate, Nolan had to play down the characters so that the insane situation could speak for itself. An intelligent move, for sure, but it made it hard to get invested at times. Sure, a sinking ship is horrible to see. But we need to know the characters to feel the full impact of the tragedy. I’m not saying we need the stereotypical WW2 soldiers we see in every single WW2 movie, all I mean is that some more personality would have gone a long way.

All in all, I do like Dunkirk. It’s an intense period accurate drama that everyone should see in theaters. Just remember that you’re there for the insane scenario rather than the individual characters. What did you think of the film? Love it? Hate it? Comment and get a conversation going. I’ve been Superguy, and you’ve been awesome. Now if you don’t mind, I have to listen to some One Direction to drown out the incredibly loud plane piloted by Bane himself.

It’s another Dunkirk review by someone who doesn’t know anything about filmmaking! G

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