Scary Movies For The Easily Startled Vol.4

"Bird Box"
Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!


A new year brings even MORE scary movies for the jumpiest of us to get into! Some will make you laugh. Some will make you wince. All of them will make you SCREAM! Turn on your lights, hide under your covers and pop one of these bad boys on. If you like any of these puppies, go to my previous lists (This one and this one and this one)! Anyhoo: It’s SCARY MOVIES FOR THE EASILY STARTLED VOL. 4!


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1. Gerald’s Game

One weekend at a secluded cabin, a couple is trying to get the love train going again. The husband handcuffs his spouse to the bed with the intent to make the best of the night until a heart attack makes it the last moment of the night. The wife starts to freak out. She’s stuck on the bed with no one out there to find her. Poor gal even starts to see visions. Memories pop up that she hadn’t recollected in years. What’s reality? What’s fake? You slowly realize, however, that the real demons are more horrifying than the figurative ones. If that ain’t scary, than I don’t know what is. Give this a watch if you want a short yet effective psychological horror. Final note: there is one gory moment near the end that will cause the strongest among you to squirm. You can power through it but it’s totally appropriate to skip the brutality. No shame in knowing your limits.


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2. Bird Box

I think you’ve likely heard about this one. If you look at one of these creatures, you go crazy and kill yourself. Watching society fall apart as these mysterious things rise up is a horror only dwarfed by following Sandra Bullock attempt to make it to safety. I promise that your heart will be beating in your chest through the entirety of Bird Box. If things get too emotional, take time away from the movie. Trust me, when you make it through, you’ll find an intense journey that shows how incredible the human spirit can be in hopeless situations. Please just don’t do the Bird Box Challenge. That isn’t scary, it’s just stupid.


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3. The Meg

Do you like Fast and Furious movies? Of course you do! They’re insane fun that make going to the theaters a blast. What if you put that same energy into Jaws? You get the Meg. This may seem more of a wacky picture but the scares are real. Every time someone is in water you don’t know if they’ll make it. Jason Statham will because, well, he’s the main character. Even then you see the chaos a massive daddy shark can do (do do do) to countless innocents. A particular scene at the beach gets rather intense though a perverse sense of humor allows it to be funnier than it is scary. That said, if the idea of that scene freaks you out, know that the Meg meets a fitting end. Hopefully we get a sequel that brings the Rock into the fray.


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4. Overlord

Nazi Zombies. Those words alone should get you excited for Overlord. Give this a watch, especially if you’re a fan of war films. Plenty of common tropes of the genre (the crazy leader, the wise ass jerk, the rebellious villager, etc) pop up only to be turned on their head. We start off knowing just as much as the soldiers as sheiss hits the Deckenventilator. The horror comes from the occasional gory moment or real life terror of the Nazis. What you’ll appreciate about Overlord, however, is the restraint. It isn’t all blood or violence for the sake of violence. You grow invested in the story as we learn more about the insane experiments the scientists did on the villagers. It all comes to ahead when time is not on the heroes’ side. They have to either face the terror or let darkness consume the world.


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5. Halloween (2018)

Slasher movies will always be the most accessible type of horror. That’s because the terror is just tangible enough yet sort of fun at the same time. People dying isn’t funny yet you do find some perverse enjoyment deciphering how the slasher will take out the next group of fools. The driving force of H’18, however, is Jamie Lee Curtis’ depiction of an iconic final girl grown old. After pushing away family and friends she is a recluse dead set on putting The Shape in the ground. She isn’t perfect but you cross your fingers that she makes peace before taking on The Shape. You’ll also have a chuckle or two thrown in thanks to famous Muslim co writer Danny McBride. And then you’ll cringe at the few gory moments.

What did you think of these additions? Love em? Hate em? Talk about these bad boys down below whilst recommending others I can add on the next lists! Thanks for reading! I’ve been Superguy and you’ve been spooktacular! Boo!


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You think Scrooge would spend more on costumes…

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